First Round of Funding for our New Project

School fundraising doesn’t have to be a boring bake sale or sending home an order form of fun stuff for parents to buy. Having a carnival at your school can provide hours of fun and entertainment for all involved with our easy tips.  Doing any of these can save you time and headaches and most of all make you and your team money.

Eliminate Cash

Why not setup booths that only accept cash or credit cards? Eliminating the need for cash and replacing it with tokens or tickets is a psychological tool to get people to spend more money. People feel more free when they are spending tickets or tokens and don’t feel the guilt associated with the money out of pocket. Reducing the need for cash eliminates lost or stolen cash from having too many cash handlers.

Have Something For Everyone

Having multiple children may leave families at your carnival feeling like there is nothing for certain age groups to do. Having something planned to entertain everyone is important and leaves no one out of the fun. If parents arrive with teenagers and babies in tow, they want to know that all of their children are entertained. Having a safe play area setup for babies is a stress reducing way to make sure that mothers and fathers are able to keep watch of their babies while their older children are spending tickets and being entertained. Cordon off an entire block of space to create a baby safe area for mobile babies to play. Have coffee on hand for parents and grandparents and they will stick around longer, spending money at the carnival as opposed to paying for babysitter’s fees.

Rent A Bounce House

Renting a bounce house will most certainly liven up the party for younger guests. Bounce houses are safe, easily setup and are fun and will make the event memorable for all children in attendance. In an effort to raise even more money for the event, you could charge a certain number of tickets for a specified length of time in the house.  You can check out bounce house rental dallas for more ideas and bounce houses that can make your fundraiser a success, another company that has been partnering with churches and schools has been bounce house rentals duncanville.

Dunk A Teacher

Setting up a dunking booth to dunk a child’s teacher is the best way for teenagers to be entertained. Most children don’t run into their teachers outside of school and possibly dunking them in water could prove to be entertaining for them and profitable for you. Having a specified number of tickets to allow the student to dunk their teacher is a great way to ease any tensions and allow the students and teachers alike to enjoy the party. This works especially on a nice, hot day.

All in all, party organizers can turn ordinary school fundraisers into something extraordinary and fun for the entire family. The more successful the carnival is, the more ideas that will be brought to the table for future carnivals. Have fun with it and remember to make it an enjoyable event for all involved.